Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Hunting We Will Go - February 10, 2015

As Elmer J. Fudd would say, “Shh, be very, very, quiet.”  We are on surveillance (AGAIN!), hoping to catch a glimpse of some wildlife!   This time we are at Imperial Wildlife Refuge in Yuma, AZ. 
PoPoG-G-O, AKA Rambling RV Rat, with his Field Glasses On

We’ve driven through as much of the area that “Big Boomer” could navigate, then hiked in various areas, including the Painted Desert Trail.  It is so quiet and desolate here, you can hear a burro pooping!

We’ve tracked paw prints of foxes, heard coyotes howling and yipping nearby.  And, thanks to Mom’s expertise in the Triple Ps (i.e., piss, poop, and puke), we identified fresh scat of wild burros and other animals!  But unfortunately, we’ve been as successful at seeing wildlife as Elmer is at shooting Bugs Bunny!   Total sightings:  4 assorted lizards, 1 lone coyote of which we were not quick enough to get a pic, and a group of hummingbirds at the feeders outside the Visitor Center! 

Can you find the lizard in this pic?

All this potty talk is making me have to go!  One problem in the desert—no bathrooms.  But plenty of open space to do your business.

We traveled on to the Imperial Dam BLM lands to see what that long-term visitor area looked like.  Wow!  Much smaller than Quartzsite, but very different.  You think you are seeing a mirage--beautiful aqua-colored lakes (created by the dam) in the middle of the desert.


We are calling it a day—not much luck in seeing animals, but saw some totally awesome scenery and yet another breathtaking sunset.  When you look around this desert oasis, you just have to believe in a Supreme Being.

Talk to you soon!






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