Sunday, March 1, 2015

See the Rainbow

International Truck in Houston, we have a problem.  They say, "Come on in and wait your turn—we don’t set up appointments."  So Daddy spent 8 hours on Friday sitting in their lounge, eating fast food, and watching Steve Harvey, COPS, Wendy Williams and assorted other shows he would rather not be watching.  Diagnosis:  Disintegrated front wheel bearings.  Financial Damage:  $1,052.  Outcome:  “Big Boomer” is feeling better and we can safety travel together again. 

We spent the last few days checking out the Escapees Rainbow's End RV Park and the Livingston area.  The park concept is unique—it serves the needs for every stage of the RV lifestyle.  It has a section for transients just staying a few days; sections for those staying for longer periods of time; an area called CARE for folks whose health prevents them from traveling and who need assistance with tasks like dumping tanks, changing propane, laundry, and cooking meals; and deeded lots for those who have come off the road permanently.  They have a free lending library and free movie rental, so folks who don’t drive regularly don’t have to go far to get these items.  They have movie nights on Wednesdays and Fridays, showing fairly current movies like "Hunger Games Mocking J Part I", serving popcorn, candies, baked goods, and beverages—all free of charge!  And they have planned activities like card games, ice cream socials, line dancing, etc.  Most importantly, the people running these activities are all volunteers.  There is a real sense of community here, people helping people.  I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking of it (could be because as a stuffed rat, I am warm and fuzzy all the time!)

Livingston is the county seat of Polk County.  It has your essentials like two food stores, a Wal-mart and a Lowes, but if you are looking for a major shopping spree, keep on trucking!  You need to travel over an hour to either Lufkin or Houston.  We asked around for a good meat market/butcher shop, and were guided to the Phillips 66 Gas Station on Texas State Highway 146, just a few miles from the Escapees Park entrance.  Yes, located inside the station convenience store is a meat counter with some great beef and pork!  T-bones, NY Strip, triple thick chops, and if you want something special, just give them a few days’ notice!  I don’t have to tell you, Highway 146 Grocery and Feed gets:

Rambing RV Rat's Top Award - A 5-Cheese Rating
Livingston is also home to Fain Theatre.  A blast from the past, it is supposedly the oldest continuously operating movie theater in Texas.

We stopped to visit Heritage Park, where Locomotive 5 came to rest.  Built in 1912 and in use until 1952, it contributed to the expansion of the logging and timber industry in the area.

Locomotive 5 - Heritage Park, Livingston, Texas

The park also contains the restored cabin of Jonas Davis, one of the last Pakana Muskogee Native Americans to reside in Polk County.

Jonas Davis Cabin - Heritage Park, Livingston, Texas
That’s your nickel tour from Rambling RV Rat!  I need to take a break.  Talk to you soon!

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