Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Bikes Are Roaring--75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Everywhere we go, everything we see, everybody we meet—seemingly all revolve around the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!


It has been completely crazy at Crazy Horse with the uptick in attendance!  Daddy has worked several 10 hour days baking in the hot sun parking the massive volume of motorcycles.  And we think Mom has set a new record for number of entrance tickets ripped per second! 
Dad had great fun taking pics of the wide variety of bikes, each one unique and personalized.  And many with four-legged traveling companions with them!


The towns of Custer, Keystone, and Hill City have events, vendors, and special parking for motorcycles, despite being at least an hour from the Sturgis Rally point.  Roads are congested and like the “locals”, we try to minimize our travels to avoid traffic jams.  But we did a run to Rapid City to visit the massive Black Hills Harley-Davidson Dealership, which had all sorts of activities as well.

We did venture out to visit Sturgis, but we went in several days before the Rally actually started!  Despite this well thought out plan to avoid the crowds, the place was hopping, vendors busy selling, and the saloons bustling!
We stocked up on our 75th Anniversary souvenirs, purchased a new helmet for Mommy, enjoyed the “Knuckle Sandwich” at the Knuckle Saloon, and visited the renowned Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. 
It surely is a unique experience when folks from all walks of life and areas of the world converge and merge, sharing the common hobby of motorcycling.  Some guys have the “ZZ Top” beards.  Some of the women are scantily clad, with leather corsets and “Daisy Duke” shorts that are more sized to cover their face cheeks than butt cheeks.   Both men and women have tattoos on every inch of skin, and some have piercings in places that I hurt just thinking about!  But mostly they are just regular folks.  Like Clark Kent transforms to Superman, they take on a new persona for Sturgis week:   from “everyday” guys or gals to tough, hardcore leather-clad bikers.  But once you speak to them, they are all friendly, polite, and good-hearted folks!  I fit right in with them! 
Forget About Where Waldo Is!
Can You Spot Me?
Can’t imagine how South Dakota’s economy would survive without the Sturgis Rally!

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