Friday, October 16, 2015

Meeting Big Tex

Despite feeling tired and sore from working so many hours at Amazon (mandatory overtime is already in effect!), my parents kept their promise of taking me to the State Fair of Texas!

The fairgrounds were really nice—paved roads/walkways, colorful flowers, clean restrooms, interesting architecture, beautiful water fountains/reflection pools, and a heartfelt memorial for Vietnam veterans.


We toured the exhibit booths, getting lots of free goodies and samples, including pudding, chile, even toothbrushes and toothpaste!


YeeeHaaa, this is the festival of all foods fried—Oreos, cheesecake, Fritos, catfish, even alligator!  It was interesting that no money is accepted at any food vendor.   Instead, you buy “tickets” from the official State Fair booths.  Each ticket is worth 50 cents, and you buy tickets in $10 bundles.  Every food item costs a specific number of tickets (Daddy plunked down 7 tickets just for my soda).  I have never seen this system used before, but think it is a great idea.  Much easier and safer for the vendors.


Of course, no state fair is complete without livestock, and plenty of them--cows, goats, pigs, and steer, including the grand champion steer that sold for $130,000.  That’s a lot of burgers!   We watched Yoda, a Dallas K-9 “officer” as he demonstrated his police duties, and visited Gus, Moose, and Trojan, some REALLY BIG horses used by the Dallas Mounted Police.


Wow--what a pair!!!

$130K Steer!
But the highlight of the day was me seeing Big Tex, who truly lives up to his name.    He is gigantic!  His boots alone are taller than I am! 

PoPo and Big Tex.  Look at Those Boats--I Mean Boots!

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the cost of attending a State Fair.  $15 just to park, and entry normally is $18 per person.  Fortunately, we went on discount day—bring 4 cans of food per person, get in for $4 per person.  Then, of course, food and Midway ride tickets cost extra.  Not to mention games of chance.   Boo, Hoo, I blew my whole month’s allowance in just a couple of hours!


We headed home on the motorcycles just in time for rush hour evening traffic.  A bit of a nail-biting experience!  But we were rewarded with an absolutely gorgeous sunset.


Talk to you again real soon!

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