Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

To those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter!


I’ve been very busy all week with Easter preparations--helping with food shopping, assisting Mom with baking dessert for our guests this weekend, and THE most important task:  coloring and decorating Easter eggs!


RV Dreamers and fellow line dancing students, Gerry and Linda, along with Claudia and Mike joined us for a Good Friday fish dinner:  Grilled shrimp, sautéed mussels, and grilled crappy which was courtesy of our favorite fisherman, Red.  Glad we had an opportunity to get together with Gerry and Linda before they leave next week.


Today Claudia and Mike joined us for a pork roast dinner.   I joined Mommy for an after-dinner hike to burn off all the calories we ate.  We continue to marvel at how colorful the desert actually is!  Then, keeping our Easter tradition, we watched ‘King of Kings’ and ‘The Ten Commandments.’  We were blessed with God’s magnificent paint strokes all this weekend—three beautiful sunsets.



Quartzsite has slowly become a ghost town.  Most of the vendors are gone, the QIA and Corner Laundromat have shuttered their doors for the season, and caravans of RVs seem to leave every day.  The weather remains warm and dry with excessive heavy winds.  In fact, the gusts are so bad, our wind turbine was knocked down twice this season!  What a difference from last year, when the winds were so minimal, the turbine barely turned.


Earlier this week, Claudia, Mike, and my family went to Squaw Lake in Yuma for a “day at the beach”.  Unfortunately, the winds were horrific!  We only ventured out with the canoe for about an hour for fear we would end up on Gilligan’s Island!  But we had such fun swimming, canoeing, and sharing our picnic lunch with the ducks!  We saw our burro friends on the way home, making it the perfect day!


Mike and his water fowl friend

The palms swayed from the velocity of the wind


Well, that’s the highlights of my week.  Hope you had a good one, too.  Will speak to you again soon!


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