Monday, June 6, 2016

Destressing from the Drive on the Top of the World Highway, Tok, AK - Stop 19 on our Trek North to Alaska

We got an early start leaving Dawson City on Sunday morning, trying to avoid as many vehicles as possible on the roadway since today we are tackling the Top of the World Highway.

As has been the pattern during this trek, we encountered a dreary, damp, foggy morning, and it is a crisp 45 degrees.

We took things slowly since visibility was limited for the first 10 miles or so.  But the sun broke through at times, and the vistas were spectacular.   Richard Carpenter’s song lyrics popped into my head:  “I’m at the top of the world, looking down on creation…”   Every time you reach the top of one peak, there is another mountain to climb!  You cannot distinguish where the mountains end and the clouds begin.  I ponder philosophically whether the mountains are within the clouds or the clouds are within the mountains (somewhat like which came first, the chicken or the egg).   The road is desolate, just us, Claudia/Mike, and Mother Nature sharing the moment.  The unadulterated, pristine, elements of nature engulfed and moved me.  I think I entered heaven!

My spiritual thoughts are often interrupted by fear—Mamma Mia, this is some intense driving!  Inclines, switchbacks, hairpin turns, narrow roads, soft shoulders, mud, gravel, frost heaves, drop offs!  If you’ve got your foot stuck in your mouth or a boot stuck in your butt, come drive this road.  All the bouncing around will dislodge ANYTHING, for sure!  See for yourself—take a look at this time lapse video I made of our adventure!  Yes, I have expanded my horizons.  I am now a filmmaker with my own Youtube channel!

We arrived back into the good old USA and border crossing was a piece of cake.  Welcome to Alaska!

We stopped at Chicken, AK for me to change my soiled shorts, Mom to calm her nerves, and Dad to get the blood circulating in his hands again after gripping the steering wheel so tightly for the last 6 hours!  Not to mention to take some cheesy pictures!

We saw a bald eagle flying over the Dennison River West Fork.   And we spotted a moose cow near Logging Cabin Creek--we even got a photo!  But we saw neither hide nor hair of any of the 40,000 caribou that roam the Fortymile River Region.

Fortymile River Region

The weird "sandy beaches" outside Tok

It took nearly 8 hours to travel the 180 miles from Dawson City to Tok, where we are now destressing, decompressing, and delighting in some sunny, seasonal weather.

It is 11:39 p.m., and the sun just set a few minutes ago.  It is now dark enough now for me to go to bed in this land of the midnight sun.

Talk to you again soon!



  1. Wow! Top of the world high way with a 5th wheel - talk about excitement. I rode it on two wheels a few years ago coming back from Deadhorse, AK and it would be a white knuckle experience with a large trailer.

    I stumbled on your blog after seeing a picture of your rig on I like it a think a similar setup may be in my future (few years away). Would love to see more on your truck and bike storage.


  2. The truck was custom built by 2L Custom in Poolville, TX. Set up works out well for us. Photos available on Photobucket