Sunday, August 14, 2016

Williams Lake, BC – Stop 38 on our Trek North to Alaska

Another gorgeous, very warm day as we leave Prince George with Claudia/Mike back with us on our planned trip for an overnighter at Williams Lake. 

We stopped at the Caribou Wood Shop, which the MilePost says is a “must see”.  It offered some cute items (though most were made in China) and it had a fudge shop, but it had very little wood products.  What’s in a name?  Go figure…  The views from the place are quite lovely, though, and they have RV parking (which I think is pretty smart!)

We arrive at Stampede Campground, located right at the rodeo grounds.

Thankfully, we averted a problem with the campground reservation, which we made in December 2015.  We called the campground on Friday to inquire about the cancellation policy in case Claudia/Mike didn’t make it only to learn Stampede did not have our reservations on the books!  What!  We have a confirmation e-mail!  Apparently, the workampers with whom we booked our sites are no longer employed at Stampede, so somehow the reservations made in 2015 before the new workampers, Renae and Joseph, arrived were lost in horse manure.  Renae was a doll, though, and she got us squared away with full hook up pull-thru sites.  The campground is easy access right off of Highways 97 and 20.  And it is right next to the Curling Center.  Dad and I wanted to go try our hand at curling, but the Center is open only from October to March.  Rats!

What I liked most about the campground was the horsies who lived there!  They were quite handsome and friendly.  It made me think immediately of my very special Aunt Maureen.  No, she is not a blood relative, but I could not love her any more if she were.

She is the most caring, sharing, good-hearted soul.  She is selfless, always putting the needs of others before her own.  Like St. Francis of Assisi, she is a lover of all creatures, big and small.  She has dedicated her life to saving animals in distress, from adopting shelter pets, to spending her own money for a stray cat spay/neuter and release program, to giving old racehorses a safe haven to live out their lives on her Misty Lee Farm in NJ rather than be killed and turned into a can of dog food.  She takes better care of these animals than some people take of their children (you can see for yourself--Misty Lee Farm is on facebook).  She is a strong person, but God has given her and Uncle Ted many burdens and obstacles to overcome these last few years.   But Aunt Maureen’s only concern is will she still be able to care for and feed the animals.

So I ask if you could say a little prayer to the Man Upstairs that he lighten up a little bit, give her a break, ease her burdens, and let her be happy and carefree again.   I’d be one grateful stuffed rat if you could do this.

Do I hear an Amen from you out there!


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