Monday, May 25, 2015

Campground Critters

First and foremost, I want to express my respect and gratitude to all those who lost their lives in service to our Nation.  In loving memory of 1st Sgt. (Ret.) Richard Pinter (1941-2015), known as "The Lone Bugler" who dedicated his retirement years to honoring these heroes by playing taps at 21 ceremonies each Memorial Day Weekend.  We were proud to serve as this patriot's motorcycle escorts for 9 years. 

Now for my regular ramblings...

I’ve made friends with several critters here at Heritage Village Campground!  We have lots of rabbits:  domesticated, wild, and even jack rabbits!  The stables nearby opened recently, so all the horses have been out in the fields.

Peter Cottontail

My Little Ponies

We have loads of Bambi deer out in the surrounding fields.  They always stop to watch me when I walk by—must be my irresistible good looks! 

There’s a llama across the road who is charged with herding the sheep—the Border Collies around here are worried about losing their jobs to this lad.  I love the picturesque pastoral scenes, with the new calves nursing at the mamma cows.

With all the cold, inclement weather, my friend Robin bird decided she needed a warm place to build her nest.  So she selected some prime real estate:   Our solar panel stand!  Can’t wait to see the eggs hatch!

Prime Real Estate for this Robin!
My absolute favorite pal here at the Campground is Bella the Labrador Dog!  She lives with the Campground Host, and is such a friendly, polite lass!  She seems to like me lots—probably because I never fail to bring her a doggie treat!

The snow has finally melted, but thankfully, I snapped a pic of our temporary campground mascot, created by Work-camper Tim!
"Snartwork" (That's snow artwork) by Work-camper Tim
Now we have had what seems to be never-ending rain.  But here was the “silver lining” yesterday:  a beautiful rainbow, complete with a happy little bluebird in the foreground!

Happy Little Bluebirds and Rainbows--They Do Exist Together!

Nice chatting with you, but gotta run!  Mom and Dad actually have a day off together, so we want to go visit some of the sights and have some family fun.  Talk to you soon!


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