Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stormy Weather

I hope everyone reading this blog has been safe and sound from the crazy weather occurring in parts of the U.S.!  It seems like everywhere we go, the bad weather follows us!


It rained 6 of the 8 weeks we stayed in Livingston, TX.  Less than 48 hours after we left to head north to South Dakota, Livingston incurred a tornado.  We stopped in Oklahoma City to have warranty work completed on the RV—a week later a tornado touched down within a mile of the RV Center, causing severe damage, and, sadly, injuries to many folks.


On Mother’s Day, we had a blizzard here at Crazy Horse!  Visibility was very bad due to the heavy winds, and the snow drifts created 10 foot peaks!  Most of the work-campers could not even get their vehicles out of our campground—Mommy and Daddy included.  They thought they had all their bases covered for transportation to and from work.  After all, we have Big Boomer, they each have a motorcycle, and they each bought the Mickelson Trail pass to walk the 1.5 miles to Crazy Horse.  Unfortunately, they just didn’t factor a blizzard into their calculations!  There was no way they could use the motorcycles.  And Big Boomer would just get stuck in the drifts (as happened to one of the work-campers with his pick-up truck—he had to call a service truck to tow him out!).  Their only option was to walk—after all they do have snowshoes!  Fortunately, a co-worker who lives in Custer said he’d take them in if they met him on the highway.  So they only had to walk about ¼ mile!  Yes, they have “postman” mentality:  neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow stops them from going to work!


Mommy was one of only 2 people who worked the Welcome Center, but it sure was busy!  You wouldn’t believe all the folks who braved the inclement weather to visit Crazy Horse that day!  Daddy’s job was to shovel snow all day (ironic, isn’t it—we sold the sticks and bricks back East ‘cause we didn’t want to do all the household chores and maintenance anymore!)


Last week we had a hail storm!  The day started out with sunshine, then went to rain, then sunshine.  Next thing I know, I hear pounding on the roof of the RV!  It was a hail storm!  Now, today, we awoke to about 4 inches of snow!  Daddy's probably shoveling at work again!  Will someone please ask Mother Nature to check her calendar!  It’s nearly June and supposed to be Spring!


The only “silver lining” is that the Black Hills area was suffering from a drought.  They had a very mild winter, with severely below average snowfall.  There were many concerns about Spring forest fires.  So hopefully this alleviates the problem!


Gotta go--Mommy is off from work today and she just made me a cup of hot cocoa to warm my button nose!  Talk to you soon!
Heritage Village Campground

Heritage Village Campground

That's a lotta snow!

Does Look Pretty, Though!

Some Nasty Clouds!

Hail on our homestead!

Snow on the Mountain!

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