Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Greetings and Salutations From Quartzsite Arizona!

We left home base in Livingston, TX on January 5 and traveled westward ho.  We passed through some cool little towns, including Fredericksburg, TX, home of Hondo’s On Main.  We first learned of this little gem from watching Texas TV’s “The Bucket List”.  Known for its ½ pound Angus burgers shaped into a “donut” and topped with fried onions and special sauce, my mouth was salivating just thinking of these juicy, succulent beefy treats.  And look, 10 parking spots available right on the street in front of the place—we can pull the rig right in parallel to the curb!  How lucky can you get!!!  Mom no sooner pulled us curbside that I dashed out of the truck to Hondo’s front door.  Alas, luck would not be a lady for me.  Hondo’s is closed on Tuesdays!  I crawled forlornly back to the truck to learn in our excitement and disappointment about Hondo’s, we missed our turnoff to get to the highway.  Now “Gerda” our GPS has rerouted us on the “scenic tour” through narrow country roads with low-lying trees.  Mom’s face was pale as a ghost, with white knuckles to match.  But finally we got back on the main drag, and Mom was able to breathe again.  I, in the meantime, focused on tomorrow’s planned dinner stop: Cattleman’s Steakhouse in Fabens, TX. 

Once again, time was not my friend!  Daddy forgot about the time zone change and we arrived at Cattleman's at 2 p.m., way too early for dinner.  Worse yet, they are not open for lunch on weekdays.! We ended up driving through to Deming, NM, where we visited Escapees Dreamcatcher RV Park.  For $18 plus tax, we had a full hook up, pull-thru site, and an opportunity for us to catch up on television, laundry, and sleep. And, much to our surprise, we were greeted by some folks we met at Escapees Rainbow RV Park in Livingston who also worked at Amazon with us!

Left before dawn the next morning, anxious to arrive and set up in Quartzsite!  We pulled in and registered 5 minutes before the La Posa South LTVA office closed, thanks to Mom feeling the need to stop at Walmart for a haircut (we won’t go there!).   We traveled down the main road, hoping no one of the multi-thousands of boondockers took “our spot” in the 11,000+ acres of BLM land.  Thankfully, my “marker” was still in place and “our spot” was vacant!

My Marker--A Self Portrait and Triple R Initials--For Rambling RV Rat, of course!

"Our Spot" in La Posa South LTVA

We escorted Mike and Claudia in the next day (they have been our traveling buddies and co-workers for several months now) and introduced them to the fun-filled lifestyle of boondocking, including watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  God surely paints a beautiful canvas!

An Incredible Sunset

And Another!

Endless Color!


Capturing Sunrise During a Morning Hike

Before we knew it, it was time to work the Escapees Booth in the Big Tent!  What a wonderful experience working with Lisa/Jim and Briggs/Anne, and meeting so many Escapees and Xscapers members, old and new!

The social life here in Quartzsite is prolific!  We have attended happy hours, dinners, and campfire circles (and hosted a few events ourselves) with Escapees, Xscapers, and our friends from the Montana Owners Club.  Got a chance to catch up with fellow Amazonians who were in Quartzsite attending the RV Show, too.  Not to mention the fun times we had with Phil/Rudee and Marie/Bob, our co-workers from Crazy Horse Memorial.  And, of course, the great get-togethers our special buddies Pam/Red and Steve/Dianne put together for the RV Dreamers group.

RV Dreamers Get Together--I Look Pretty Good!

(Photo Courtesy of Steve Colibaba)

We loved reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones.  And we are thrilled so many younger folks have "graduated" recently to the full-timing lifestyle.  Life is too short--enjoy it while you can!

Which is what I am doing right now!  Got some feathered friends visiting me—a pair of gila woodpeckers and several hummingbirds come regularly to our window feeder!  I am so happy to see them--Tabby the Cat, not so much.



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  1. Very cool how Rambling Rat made it in to the RV Dreamers photo. :-)