Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!


To bring you up to date, Mom and Dad survived Amazon peak season!  It was a unique experience. The job was, as everyone warned, VERY physical.  It required lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling oversized, overweight boxes, some as heavy as 60 pounds!  Everyone suffered from back aches, swollen ankles, stiff and numb hands.  At times the job was very frustrating and confusing.  Standard operating procedures, work schedules, and management directives changed daily.  For example, mandatory overtime AND voluntary time off were in effect AT THE SAME TIME.  How crazy is that!  Not crazy enough to discourage Mom and Dad from applying to work next season!
DFW-7 Fulfillment Center in Haslet, TX

Amazon is a great opportunity to make good money in a very short period of time.  Plus you get the bonus of a comprehensive exercise plan and workout without paying for a gym membership!  Mom and Dad both dropped several pounds, as did most folks with whom they worked.


I got a sneak peek at the operation, and had a fantastic tote ride, just like riding a roller coaster in an amusement park!  And I learned that Amazon truly sells EVERYTHING!  Legos (enough were received to build an entire Amazon Fulfillment Center), Ninja juicers, cat litter, nutrition bars, cell phones, pillows, and DVDs.  Books of every genre are available, from self-help books to children’s readers, from best- selling thrillers to various versions of the Bible.  You know all that stuff “As Seen On TV”?  Well Amazon sells all that, too!  Amazon even sells “adult entertainment” items.  So if you are feeling frisky, no need to visit a XXX store.  Amazon’s got what you may need or want.  As Amazon prints on its promotional t-shirts, “stay calm and order on”!


It's like a roller coaster!!! Wheeeeeeee!
Meeting some terrific folks was another benefit of Amazon.  During the last few weeks of work we actually had the opportunity to “socialize”.  We joined about 15 of our fellow work-campers at The Rock, known for its brick-oven pizza (it was good, but not worthy of a Rambling RV Rat 5-cheese rating).  We joined Mike and Claudia and Tammy and Marty (who also worked at Crazy Horse with my parents) for a tasty lunch at Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes.  What a cool place!  In addition to serving you great food, the waitresses and waiters give vocal performances.  Now that is service with a song!
Sweetie Pie Makes a Scrumptious Ribeye!
Mike and Claudia and Susan and Rodger, fellow Amazonians, attended our “clean out the fridge” get together, assisting in finishing up all the great food we had left over from Mom’s holiday dinners.


We enjoyed our time in Haslet and Azle, but all good things must come to an end.  Mom and I took our final three-mile walk and saw some of our animal friends along the way.
The cows have come home!

Our Neighborhood Road Runner!

Then we all headed “home” to Escapees Rainbow Park in Livingston, Texas.  We have visited all the “hot spots” of Livingston:  the newly reopened Walmart, Joe’s Italian Grill, Dollar Tree, and the meat counter at the Route 146 Gas Station convenience store, picking up some tasty sirloin and strip steaks. We even attended movie night at the club house.  Notably, we learned that celebrating the holiday season “Texas style” requires fireworks and gun shots.  Tomorrow we get our vehicles inspected and registered.  Then our exciting trip to Livingston comes to an end—we head out to the Arizona desert.  We look forward to seeing Steve and Dianne, Pam and Red, John and Shirley, and all our other fellow RV Dreamers, Montana Owners Club members, Xscapers, and Escapees members that we met last year.  We also want to meet new folks, too.  So stop by the Escapees booth in the Big Tent at the Quartzsite RV Show--we will be there!

Until then, I bid you adieu!

PoPo, the Rambling RV Rat

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    The tent went up in Q this week. Lots of RV Dreamers here already and more on the way. Safe travels and we'll see you soon!