Saturday, January 24, 2015

Techie Talk - January 24, 2015

We are all settled in at La Posa South, the Bureau of Land Management Long-Term Visitor Area (BLM LTVA).  My Mom’s not as friendly and personable as I am, so she found us a spot 3 miles from the entrance that gives us lots of privacy and a great backyard view but easy access to the main road.

Sunrise View from Door of RV
Full Moon Setting at Daybreak

Daddy planned well for boon-docking, dry-camping, being off the grid (for all our non-RVer readers, that means no hookups for electric, water, or sewer). We have a 150-gallon water bladder to fill with fresh water and a jumbo size “blue boy” to empty our waste water from the holding tanks for the toilet, shower, and sinks.

The Full Monty

Most importantly, Daddy designed and installed our solar system personally. For all you techies: six 6-volt, 305-amp AGM batteries, wired series parallel, giving us a total of 915 amps at 12 volts. These are powered by the sun (three 270-watt, 32-volt solar panels wired in parallel).

AGM Batteries - Series Parallel

Control Center Stashed in Cabinet Makes Mom Happy

Supplemental energy is derived from a wind turbine, which can provide up to 40 kilowatts of power per month. All controlled by a Midnite Classic 150 and a Magnum 2800 watt inverter. He even installed a Trimetric meter that monitors our daily usage and recharging stats. Wow, my head is spinning from all that gobbly-gook jargon!

Yours Truly - Rambling RV Rat

Bottom line for non-techies: we’ve got enough power to run everything but the air conditioner and do not need to supplement with a noisy generator. So should the apocalypse occur, we are ready! 

Time to relax and watch the sunset!  Talk to you soon!

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