Monday, January 5, 2015

Our Adventures Begin - January 5, 2015

After spending the holidays with family and friends in New York State, we hit the road on January 2 with snow falling and 20 degree temps. We took the Southern route and luckily, always remained about ½ day ahead of unusual cold and/or excessive precipitation.  Our first stop was to visit Jeffrey, our good friend and  "Yankee" transplant, in Lancaster, SC.  Then we headed via Interstates 20 and 10  for our latest destination:  Arizona.
After a few over-night stays at “Wally Worlds”, we all agreed we wanted some full-service accommodations.  So we are staying at Lincoln County Parish Park in Ruston, LA, arriving just in time to see a spectacular sunset!  With its beautiful lake, nature trails, and a sand beach area for use during the summer months, this place is lovely!

Reasonably priced at $25, it has spacious pull-through sites.  And believe me, it truly can handle “big” rigs.  We are 65 feet in total and fit just fine without unhitching. Sweet Cheeks is especially happy.  She sees some fine feathered friends here —ducks, geese, cranes, and even a blue heron!  

This place gets a 5-cheese rating from me, Rambling RV Rat!

Speaking of cheese, time to fill our bellies and tuck in for the night. 

Talk to you soon!


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