Friday, January 9, 2015

Heifer Heaven - January 9, 2015

We got back on the road early yesterday morning, though none of us were feeling any better.  But we were anxious to get to Fabens, Texas.  What’s the attraction in Fabens?  Well, if you are a beef-loving carnivore, you will not want to miss the Cattlemen’s Steakhouse and Ranch! 

 Once they took one bite of their meals, Mommy and Daddy were in heifer heaven!  Talk about an instant cure for feeling under the weather!  Juicy, succulent aged beef, cooked medium rare, so tender you can cut it with a butter-knife!    I dare anyone to challenge my Dad’s appetite—he got the 2 pound Cowboy, and ate every last morsel!  Baked potato, a tangy home-made pineapple cole slaw, and a crock of spicy baked beans complement the meal.  MMM, MMM—salivating just thinking about it!

And if you don’t find the food worth the visit, get a load of this:  A paying customer gets to overnight in their rig within the Restaurant’s gated parking lot!  You get to hit the sack with a full belly AND a peaceful mind! 

We explored the ranch property, which includes some cool animal sculptures, a zoo/wildlife/avian area, and the movie sets for “Glory Road”, “On The Border”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and a bunch of other flicks.

So no matter how I slice it, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse and Ranch gets a 5-cheese review from this rat!

Talk to you soon!


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