Thursday, February 11, 2016

Road Trip Back in Time – Swansea Townsite

We all scrambled into Big Boomer bright and early, excited to take our trip back in time to Swansea Townsite, about 30 miles northeast of Parker.  Located in the middle of nowhere, Swansea was a thriving copper mining development in the early 20th century.  By 1909, 500 people lived in the town, which included saloons, a general store, post office, railroad depot, even a moving picture house!


We stop along the way to take in the pretty vistas, crystal blue canals, and blooming desert flowers! 


Me and Claudia enjoying the flowers!


I've turned into quite an ornithologist!  Caught a glimpse of a Phainopepla!

We now reach a sign, “17 miles to Swansea". The initial road looks paved. Piece of cake—we’ll be there in under an hour, tops. No way, Jose! The last 7 miles were all gravel roads, with steep inclines and sharp turns. Yes, this was real “white knuckle” driving. The roads were so rough, we were bouncing around like a bunch of bobble head dolls! Let’s put it this way: I now feel qualified to ride a mechanical bull! Once again, Big Boomer was performing the duty of an ATV!

The Road to "White Knuckle" Driving!

Two hours later, we reach our destination.  Thank goodness, they have a port-a-potty!  Especially after that ride! 


Although most of Swansea Townsite has succumbed to weather erosion and vandalism, there are adobe structures, mine shafts, exposed stone foundations, and remnants of copper, now with a green patina, that tell its colorful history.




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