Saturday, February 13, 2016

Visiting London Bridge... Lake Havasu, of course!  Lake Havasu’s fame comes from having a bridge from London, England deconstructed, transported to Lake Havasu, and reconstructed stone by stone, with its official dedication in 1971.  It connects to an English shopping village, complete with replicas of Big Ben, the fountain at Trafalgar Square, and even a British telephone booth.
In its heyday, this was probably a quaint area.  Unfortunately, most of the shops are vacant now.  But still fun to visit for a few pics!

Me Posing With London Bridge in the Background!
Lake Havascu is also known for its Pyrotechnics Spectacular.  So we joined a bunch of our buddies from the Montana Owners Club over at the rodeo grounds to watch the fireworks display.  It was like Independence Day!  Lots of color, designs, and of course, loud booms.  In between, we had some great chats about Alaska!  Mike and Claudia, Stephanie and Curtis, and my family are all visiting Alaska this year, and we were picking the brains of Dave and Linda and John and Shirley, who visited in recent years.  They are a wealth of information! 
Our MOC Buddies!


Well, time for another fun day to end.  Boy, am I tired.  Think I’ll sleep in tomorrow!  After all, I good looking rat like me needs plenty of beauty sleep.


Talk to you soon!

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