Sunday, February 21, 2016

Springtime Has Sprung!

Spring is in the air and the desert is coming alive!  Flowers are blooming, creatures are looming!

The lizards have come out to play during the day, while the scorpions lurk at night.

Lizard out playing

Scorpions lurking at night

A jackrabbit scooted through camp recently, and a roadrunner whizzed by one of the washes we were exploring (maybe its the same one who visits Steve and Dianne!).

The jackrabbit scooting for cover

The hummingbirds and woodpeckers still come to visit us, although not as frequently—seems they found Claudia and Mike’s feeder more appetizing.

A defecting hummingbird at Claudia/Mike's feeder

Best of all, the coyotes are howling!  We haven’t seen them, but they have definitely been in our camp.  They rummaged through the trash bin to get the remnants from our steak and shrimp dinner, and even left their calling card—they pooped on a paper plate!
I am amazed at the beautiful flowers that bloom in the desert.  Pretty yellows, purples, and reds dot the canvas.

The nudist camp inhabitants have been more visible now that the weather has finally gotten warmer.  I think they want to recruit me! 

Yours Truly sans clothing by the Nudist Camp sign!

While out hiking one day, we got a friendly hello and wave from a man on his ATV, wearing nothing but his birthday suit!  A golden brown suit at that, with not a tan line to be found!  I wonder how he doesn’t stick to the seat of the ATV?  Maybe he coats it with cooking spray?

The desert sky has provided some wonderful astronomical views.   So glad we dug out the telescope!  Earlier this month, we got to see Venus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter all aligned—a phenomenon that does not occur very frequently.  Last night, I saw a satellite travel by.  Hope the NSA isn’t watching me! 
We never get tired of watching the sunrise each morning from our bedroom window, and each sunset is beautiful, yet different from the day before.

Viewing a desert sunrise

Another glorious sunset

We had a rare occurrence on February 19—a VERY brief rain shower.  It was over within a minute or two, but not before it produced a beautiful rainbow.

Our desert rainbow

Our social calendar has been busy—still dancing our little hearts away (Dad has improved nicely!) and getting together with friends, many of which will be leaving the area soon.

Steve/Dianne and Pam/Red are all such wonderful folks, and they have hosted so many get-togethers for the RV Dreamers group out here in Quartzsite.  So as an expression of our appreciation for their hospitality and friendship, we invited them over for some home-cooked Italian food.  Claudia/Mike joined us, too.  Everyone seemed to enjoy Mom’s zucchini parmigiana, pasta and meat sauce, and grilled chicken, peppers, onions and potatoes.  And we all left room for Mom’s New York style cheesecake for dessert.

Italian Night at our place!  Photo Courtesy of Steve Colibaba

Mom suffers a terrible disease that strikes most Italian-descent people—she cooks too much food.  Dinner party for 8 people, cook for 28!  So no one got to leave without a doggie bag.  Even after all that sharing, Claudia, Mike, and my family ate leftovers for two days thereafter!  I don’t have this fat pouch tummy for nothing!
Speaking of fat, Mommy got paroled early from the fat farm!  Yes, because of her good behavior, she does not need health-coaching any longer, saving us $80 a month on our Liberty Healthshare costs.

A toast to celebrate!

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