Friday, May 27, 2016

Profit River – 14th Stop in our Trek North to Alaska

We headed to an abandoned Provincial Park in Profit River for an overnight stay, our first boondocking point on this trip.

Along the Alaskan Highway, we stopped at Mile Post 21 for some photos at Kiskatinaw Bridge, the only timber bridge of the original Alaskan Highway still in use.  And it is built on a curve!  The main road of the Alaskan Highway was replaced in this area, and a new bridge built to accommodate the weight of increased tourism.  Since Big Boomer was over the legal limit for crossing the original bridge, we backtracked a few miles.

We hit some delays due to lane widening near Taylor and Peace Island Bridge.  We saw a wolf cross through the construction zone, the only wildlife we have seen all day.

We saw some of the devastation of the Fort McMurray fires—you can still smell the smoldering trees.

Well, we are in for a long, rainy night here at Profit Creek.  Speak to you next time from Laird Hot Springs.

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