Monday, May 16, 2016

Waterton Lake National Park/Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada – 9th Stop on our Trek North to Alaska

We pulled out of our West Glacier campground at 7 a.m. and were rewarded with several wildlife sightings:  a wolf and raven sharing a roadside café breakfast of a dead deer (death by auto), three mule deer bucks munching in a meadow, and a male moose right off Highway 464 in Babb!

Hard to tell, I know, but this is a moose!


It was very sad going through Blackfeet Indian Country.  Like many reservations, there is widespread poverty.  With the trillions of dollars we give as aid to foreign countries, it is hard to fathom such misfortune in the U.S.A.


Going through the border crossing at Carway/Piegan was easy peasy!


We headed to the Prince of Wales Chalet in Canada’s Waterton State Park.  We thought we’d get a peak of the glaziers from the “other side of the fence.”  Just beautiful!
More importantly, we were all looking forward to lunch at the restaurant, where supposedly all the wait staff wear kilts!  Unfortunately, our wishes were not granted—the restaurant is still closed for winter.

We soothed our disappointment by viewing four big horn sheep lounging near the parking area along with a sly red fox who pranced out of the meadow.


Of interest to me is seeing a Canadian gaggle of geese!  I didn’t think many Canadian geese still resided in Canada!  They all seemed to be in New Jersey, pooping up a storm, particularly near big corporate campuses with lakes and ponds.  Jersey had such a Canadian geese immigration problem, that companies like GooseBusters were formed to eradicate the buggers.


We are spending the night at the Bridgeview RV Resort in Lethbridge, a full-service campground with easy highway access.  That convenience comes at the price of being a bit noisier than we would like.  But these are the compromises one must make in life.  They do have a clubhouse with pool table, shuffle board, and exercise room, so that is a nice accommodation.


Gotta run—my pool shark Dad just challenged me to a game.  He's on!


Talk to you soon!


  1. Welcome to Canada! Enjoy and safe travels!

  2. We're about a month behind you. Great photo essay you have going as part of the trip report. Keep it up! and Safe Travels