Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Yellowstone National Park - Stop 7 in our Trek North to Alaska

We left Salt Lake City on Saturday, fueled up, and headed to Yellowstone National Park.  Of course, we could not travel through Idaho without a pit stop at the Army Surplus Store in Idaho Falls.  This place was ginormous, and Dad was like a kid in the candy store checking out all the cool goods.  He would have loved to have a foot locker, camouflage suit, even a giant machete!  But Mom kept him focused and on track, both with time schedule and money spent.  She sure can ruin a guy’s fun!

Dad's Idea of Heaven

Because this is considered the “shoulder” season, we were limited on what we could do in Yellowstone—lots of road closures, hiking trail closures, and Visitor Centers not open yet.  In fact, getting from one area of the park to another would sometimes require you to go outside the park.  If this were our first visit to Yellowstone, we would be VERY disappointed.  However, since we all have been here several times previously, we were satisfied with what we experienced.


Saw lots of wildlife:  about a 100 bison, at least 30 elk, 2 river otters, 3 wolves, 2 eagles—and a partridge in a pear tree!  LOL.  Unfortunately, not a glimpse of any bears or moose.  I better see them in Alaska—I already told my folks I ain’t leaving there until I do!



I absolutely loved the Old Faithful Inn!  It was like a fort and treehouse all in one!  Constructed in 1904 of local logs and stone, it has earned the distinction of being the world’s largest log structure.


We were fascinated by several geysers including Norris, Artists’ Paint Pots, and of course, the King of the Park—Old Faithful.  It sure was weird, though—with the cold wind blowing and mixing with the steam coming off the geysers, our coats were getting covered with “raindrops”.

We took in the beauty of the Upper and Lower Falls at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and were saddened by the events of August 17, 1959 (earthquake, mudslide, and eventually flooding) that created Quake Lake.

And Yellowstone Lake offered a dramatic vista with snow-capped mountains in the background.

Claudia and Mike introduced us to their very first work-camping boss, Chris Baier who has operated Yellowstone Silver here in West Yellowstone, MT since 1975.  What a terrific person!  We all had such a great time together, with each of us preparing a delicious dinner over the course of our stay.  Wonderful friends, stimulating conversation, and delicious food—there is no better combination to ensure a good time for all!
Well, I’m going to bed early tonight so Mom and Dad can have a romantic celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary.  Next time we speak, I’ll be at Glacier National Park!

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  1. That's such an awesome park. Got to get back there one day. Happy anniversary and safe travels!