Monday, April 20, 2015

Garden Parties

Flowers are abloom everywhere, and the sweet scent of honeysuckle is making my nose tickle!   But that didn’t stop us from visiting the Ruby M. Mize Azalea Garden in Nagadoches, TX, home to Stephen F. Austin State University—Go Lumberjacks!

The 8-acre garden contains 7,000+ azaleas among more than 500 varieties, earning the distinction of “largest Azalea garden in Texas”.  Who knew there were so many colors and varieties of azaleas!  There are also azalea trails within Nagadoches for hiking, strolling, or just sitting on a bench to admire nature at work.  We thoroughly enjoyed the visit!

This butterfly enjoyed the gardens as much as we did!

We’ve had some very wet weather here—over 8 inches of rain in the last week or so.    But Mr. Sunshine finally came out yesterday, so off we went for a motorcycle ride.

Now that we have completed our residency business in Livingston, we have extra “free” time.  So we’ve been doing some volunteer work here at Rainbow Park.  We assisted with grounds keeping by pulling weeds, cultivated gardens, and raking leaves.  We saw all kinds of cool insects and reptiles, too!  Web worms (they look like caterpillars), a soon-to-be- Mommy spider (see the eggs on her back!), even chameleons and assorted lizards.   Dad and I enjoyed watching them—Mom not so much.


Speaking of cool critters, check out this live video stream from the Pennsylvania Game Commission of two bald eagle fledglings in Hanover, PA.

We've been watching these babies for the last month.  They were so funny looking and awkward when they first hatched—and they still are!  

We also volunteered for several days at the C.A.R.E. (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees) Center’s semi-annual “Garage Sale”.  The event was quite successful, raising more than $5,000 to go towards the purchase of a transport van!  I’m glad I was a part of it.  Although I won’t tell you how many times someone tried to buy me--I know, I’m hard to resist!

I know I'm cute, but I'm not for sale!
Earthshattering news here in Livingston—our local Wal-Mart is one of the five nationwide that closed down due to plumbing problems.  Local folks are in a panic and uproar, with all sorts of stories and theories circulating through the rumor mill.  As Gloria Gaynor said, “I will survive”, with or without Wal-Mart.
Oh well, got to run—going to the Livingston Community Band Concert at the Activity Center.  Talk to you soon!


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