Sunday, April 5, 2015

Special Occasions

If you are a Christian, today is a glorious day, one that gives us hope for eternal life.  Happy Easter!

Even though it is just Mom, Dad, me and the pets, we have our holiday traditions.  Mom cooks a four-course dinner and bakes us tasty treats for dessert.  We watch the movies, “King of Kings” and “The Ten Commandments”, and Dad never disappoints us with his annual reenactment of Yul Brynner’s role of Ramses.  With his bald head shining and his hands on his hips, Dad sucks in his gut uttering, “So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done.”  We color eggs, and I decorate ones for my Grandma and Grandpa in heaven and for all of us.

I even decorated one this year for my Aunt Laurie.  Looks just like her!

Egg Decorated Especially for Aunt Laurie

Today is a special day for another reason:  It’s my birthday!  Well, truthfully, we don’t know when my actual birthday is.  But we celebrate it on April 5, the day my Dad rescued me from that lonely toy store shelf, purchasing me as a gift for his then girlfriend Mom.  Yes, most people think I’m just a scruffy stuffed rat, but I am really a love story.  But that’s a tale for another day…

Hoping My Birthday Wish Comes True


  1. Happy Easter! I've been enjoying your blog...keep up the great job.

  2. Thanks Pam, Hope you and Red enjoyed your Easter! Hope all is well with y'all are relaxing and enjoying that new rig!