Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sam Houston - a Hero Larger Than Life

Road Trip today to Huntsville, TX, home to everything Sam Houston!  Soldier and statesman, he was a true man of honor.  Houston led the fight for Texas’ independence from Mexico, served as President of the Republic of Texas, U.S. Senator representing Texas, and Governor of Texas.
Sam Houston Memorial Museum
We visited the campus of Sam Houston State University (Go Bearkats!), which includes The Sam Houston Memorial Museum, a comprehensive collection of artifacts that chronicles the life and times of Sam Houston.   Departing the museum through the “Wilderness Trail”, you are transported to another place and time, a tree-covered grove containing The Woodland House, the residence Sam Houston built in 1848 where 4 of his 8 children were born; his law office, where he spent many a day discussing Texas politics; The Steamboat House, the place where Sam Houston died in 1863, and various other structures.  The nearby pond and gardens contain period flora and fauna. 

The Woodland House, Circa 1848

The Steamboat House, Where Sam Houston Died in 1863

The Pond Area
The Pond Area
We strolled leisurely through Oakwood Cemetery, where Sam Houston is buried.  Originally laid to rest with a modest tombstone, the current memorial depicting him on horseback riding to battle victory was erected in 1911.
Sam Houston Tombstone - Front
The inscription on the back of the tombstone had the word "governor" misspelled as "govrnor"--guess they didn't have spell check back then!  To save face, they chiseled down the "r" and made it an apostrophe, forming "Gov'nor" of Tennessee (he was only man to ever serve as governor of two states, Tennessee and Texas).

Sam Houston Tombstone - Back

We finished our Sam Houston tour with a visit to Sam Houston’s statue.  All I can say is, WOW!  I know he was a big man of stature at 6 ½ feet tall, but this statue is Herculean, standing 67 feet in height!  Made of 60 tons of concrete and steel, it can be seen from miles away on I-45!
Sam Houston-A Hero Larger Than Life

 We satisfied our hunger with a Herculean late lunch/early dinner, then headed to Huntsville State Park, where we completed a 6.8 mile hike around the lake and through the woodlands.  A busy, but enjoyable day that ended with perfection:  A gorgeous sunset over Lake Livingston taken in Onalaska, TX.

Sunset on Lake Livingston, Onalaska, TX

Time to hit the sack!  Sweet dreams!

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