Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Northward Ho!

We are heading to Custer, South Dakota for our work-camping gig at Crazy Horse Memorial.  Thankfully, we missed the tornado that landed on the other side of town in Livingston, Texas just a day after our departure from Escapees Rainbow Park, where campers sustained heavy rain, hail, and loss of power.


We stayed at Council Road RV Park in Oklahoma City on Sunday night to facilitate having some recall/warranty work completed on our Montana Fifth Wheel on Monday.  Older park, smaller sites very close together, but terrific Wi-Fi and cable!  We arrived bright and early Monday at Oklahoma RV Center in Moore, Oklahoma (where they had those terrible tornadoes in 2013).   Great service and fine folks!  Work was completed much sooner than we expected, so we decided to alter our travel plans, making reservations at Cedar Pass Campground in Badlands National Park in South Dakota before leaving the RC Center and rambling down Interstate 35.  Within a short 5 minutes on the road, we hear someone beeping at us frantically—apparently smoke is coming from our rear tires!  Daddy goes to pull over and learns he has no brakes!  Turns out the emergency brake disconnect came out of the plug!  Since we became aware of the problem quickly (thanks to the unknown Good Samaritan who alerted us), we did not sustain any permanent damage.  Truly scary stuff, though—good thing Mommy wasn’t the one at the wheel!


Other than that, our travels have been quiet and serene, stopping at Wally-Worlds and seeing some beautiful pastoral countryside of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, not to mention some breathtaking sunrises/sunsets.

Sunrise in Kansas

View of Downtown Oklahoma City from I-35

Cattle Grazing in Nebraska
Talk to you soon!

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